Secure & Confidential Waste Destruction

Every document has a lifecycle, from origination to active to inactive to deep storage to eventual destruction. Destruction of business information is usually mandated by an industry regulation or local law. With the influx of regulatory requirements in the last few years, staying informed of new regulations and developing a retention and destruction schedule is critical. In some cases, retaining documents may even increase your personal and business liability.

Wheelie binsMany businesses rely on professional records management companies to assist them with their retention schedules and overall records management policies. At Crown, Account Managers help define these policies while technology is used to implement them.

For records that are being stored at a Crown facility, Crown uses it’s automated bar coding system, to alert clients when a record is approaching the end of its lifecycle. It sends an automatic reminder that it is time to destroy obsolete records. Crown's Account Manager awaits for further instructions from the client. At that point, the client will authorize Crown in writing to implement the destruction or hold the documents in storage until further notice.

Some business information accelerates through the business lifecycle, skipping the deep storage and going straight from the “active” stage to the “destruction” stage. For records that are being held at your office, a Crown driver can retrieve the files, destroy them and provide the necessary documentation.

There are several methods for destruction including recycling, shredding or burning of hard copies, disks and microfilm, and electronic data. Regardless of the method, all destructions will be documented with a “Certificate of Destruction” to help clients provide substantiation and adhere to their regulatory requirements.

Sometimes business information is generated on a day-to-day basis and it needs to be destroyed in a timely fashion. To meet this need, Crown provides a service called Confidential Waste Destruction. It begins by delivering storage receptacles to the Client’s and placing them throughout the office. Employees discard paper and electronic into the receptacles. Then, Crown transports the receptacles from the Client’s office, leaving behind empty receptacles, and the contents of receptacles are destroyed. Confidential Waste Destruction helps address the ever growing pressure placed on organizations to maintain integrity of personal information and to adopt environmentally-sound processes and policies. Click here to read more about Confidential Waste Destruction.