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Sammy Fong

Sammy Fong
General Manager, Records Management
Hong Kong

Sammy Fong is one of Crown’s veterans in the records management industry, having been in the business since 1997. He currently holds the position as General Manager of Records Management for Greater China, based in the Hong Kong Management Center. Sammy’s role includes sustaining Crown’s market leadership position within the Records Industry in Greater China and continuing to develop the market and extend the relationship of clients in Hong Kong with Greater China. He is spearheading the records management development in the region through the introduction of new products and services.

A large amount of his time is dedicated to educational activities, emphasizing the importance of records management as well as sharing best practices from the industry. Sammy’s specific area of expertise lies in his ability to create extensive relationships with corporate clients in Greater China as well as to conclude regional deals with multinational clients that use Crown’s services in both Hong Kong and cities in Mainland China. He also provides records management training to staff throughout the Greater China region.

Sammy, a Hong Kong National, holds a First Class Honors Degree in Finance & Economics from the City University of New York and is a Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong & Southern China as well as a Member of ARMA, the American Record Management Association. He was awarded Crown’s Employee of the Year award for the Asia Pacific Region in 2004.