About Crown Records Management


Crown Records Management is a division of the Crown Worldwide Group which was established in 1965. In 1983, Crown realized there was a profound need for a company to help manage the explosion of physical and electronic business information. Using its experience in secure storage, on-time delivery and tracking technology, Crown began offering traditional records management services including storage, indexing and destruction of records.

As the company’s list of clients grew, the Crown Records Management team expanded its range of services and technologies to meet its clients’ evolving needs. Today, Crown serves large and small corporations around the world, providing services ranging from storage of hard copies and electronic business information to scanning, imaging, data conversion, data hosting, escrow and destruction services.

Crown Records Management manages more than 20,000,000 cubic feet of business records across 50 countries, operating from over 130 Management Centers. Crown has grown to become the number one private company in this field.